How to Protect Your Data on Devices

You spend a huge amount of time on your devices each day, from making financial transactions on your laptop, scrolling through photos on your smartphone or checking your email on your smartwatch. 

We at Columbia iRepair have put together our top strategies for protecting your data and your digital identity. Some can be implemented immediately, but some are best executed with the help from a trusted IT expert. Call Columbia iRepair today to get help with all of your data protection needs.

Increase Device Data Protection

There is not just one single security practice or strategy that can give you comprehensive data protection. A multi-tiered approach is necessary for proper technology security, with different IT solutions like maintenance and monitoring, password management, data encryption, automatic backup and more working together, it can provide strong security for your digital world. 

Proactive Maintenance and Monitoring 

Things like monitoring for proper updates and activity, backup status, firewall activity and hack/spam attempts are all things that should be taken into account when maintaining and monitoring your devices. Checking in on these things can give you a leg up on data protection.

Password protect files on iphone/laptop 

Creating really strong passwords and not using the same password across multiple platforms is one of the most important things you can do to protect your computer and your online identity. But no matter how strong you think your passwords are, just remember that hacking software can test up to 10 billion password combinations in mere seconds. So, things like two-factor authentication, which requires you to enter your password and then verify your identity by entering a unique code you receive via text message or email, is just as important.

Encrypt your Data 

What is data encryption? It’s a security method where your information is encoded and can only be accessed by a user with the correct encryption key. Anyone who tries to access the data without permission sees the information as scrambled and unreadable.

Encryption makes using stolen data as difficult as possible, which is why this is an important line of defense in cybersecurity. The term data encryption can sound intimidating, but it’s applied to all kinds of data protection needs ranging from governmental intel to personal credit card transactions. 

Backup everything, all of the time 

Each time there is a ransomware attack, people come to the realization that they could have protected themselves before the fact, by simply creating automatic backups of all their data. So, if a hacker did happen to gain access to your computer or network, you could easily wipe machines clean and restore files from a backup. 

How to Prevent Security Issues in the Future

If you have fallen victim to a cyber attack, you are not alone. Besides implementing all of the strategies above, there are steps you should take after a cyber attack to get back on track with your data protection. 

  • Determine what was lost 

If you are subject to a cyber attack, one of the first things you should do is to figure out exactly what information was stolen. The reason for this is because the information stolen directly determines what your next step is. 

  • Replace the old with new 

After you figure out what has been lost, it might be time to update your security software with new technology and added tools to create a higher defense method. You should think about consciously balancing preventive tools with detective capabilities instead of just doing one or the other.

  • Keep the virus from spreading 

Monitor your system constantly to make sure that the virus doesn’t continue to spread. The first thing is to disconnect the internet, remove remote access, change the settings for the firewall and update the credentials of the affected system which may prevent future attacks.

  • Secure everything 

After a cyber attack, immediately change all of your passwords and set up a multi-factor authentication if it hasn’t already been set up. You want to re-secure all of your accounts and systems to make sure the attack cannot spread.

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