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At Columbia iRepair, we have an exceptional inventory to solve all of your smartphone accessory needs. Our store is continually receiving the latest in smartphone safety technology and accessories to provide our customers with everything they need to make the most out of enjoying their phone! Our staff is both knowledgeable and eager to help anyone who walks through our door. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have to help you make the most informed decision when it comes to purchasing your smartphone accessory!

Smartphone Accessories: Cases, Chargers, Screen Protectors and More

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone 5 – XR

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As the screen is the most vulnerable and delicate part of your smartphone, it is extremely important to protect it with the latest technology in smartphone screen protection. Tempered glass screen protectors have several benefits that other materials used to make smartphone screen protectors do not.
  • The physical substance of tempered glass is created through various chemical and thermal processes that result in an overall stronger product. Because of its unique creation process, when tempered glass does happen to crack or break, it breaks into even pieces and therefore lowers the risk of harming the smartphone user.
  • Durability is the most valuable benefit that tempered glass has to offer. Not only is the screen protector scratch resistant, but it also absorbs the shock of a fall when dropped, adding extra protection.
  • This is due to the fact that the tempered glass screen protector is around 0.3 mm thick. Although this seems relatively thin, comparatively speaking it is plenty of extra protection in relation to the smartphone’s measurements.
  • In addition to overall safety, tempered glass also has a cleaner, more sleek and uniform look. Because it is not made of plastic, there is no space for air bubbles to occur. The clarity of the tempered glass is also admirable as it does not alter nor distort viewing quality.

*Quick tip: If you spend a lot of time outdoors, be sure to ask for the matte finish tempered glass protector rather than the glossy as this will increase image quality on your smartphone’s screen.

Pop Sockets

If you have been curious as to what this strange name means and how it relates to your iPhone, look no further! Pop sockets are an attachment that can be securely placed on the back of your phone, allowing you to easily hold your phone.

These smartphone accessories are collapsable, so they are accessible when you wish to use them but don’t get in the way when you’re not needing to use them! These attachments come in many fun colors, patterns and designs so there is something for everyone. If you have any further questions about our pop sockets, call us today or stop in and ask!

Lightning Cables and Phone Chargers

Our lightning cables offer the best and most durable smartphone charging on the market! Buying a lightning cable charger from Columbia iRepair ensures you are getting the most out of your purchase as our products are long lasting, durable and deliver a premium charge to your smartphone!

Otterbox Cases

Provide the best protection for your iphone by using an Otterbox case. These smartphone cases are the best in the business for providing the utmost protection for your phone. Some benefits of using the case include shock absorption, long drops, scratches and dust. We provide these cases in a wide assortment of colors in our store!

iPhone Customization and Mobile Customization

Do you want you iPhone or device to stand out and be unique? We offer iPhone, iPod or iPad customization. If you can dream it we can make if for you. Our large selection of iPhone skins, fronts, covers and cases will meet your wildest dreams.

Our most popular fronts/skins include:

Mizzou GoldPink LeapordRhinestonesClear Casing
Solid Purple, Blue or WhiteReflecting MirrorDiamond Buttons

Many More Available!

Let us create that perfect bling iPhone, iPad or iPod for you with all our custom options. Contact us today for the full list of Apple products we service including the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 7.

A Few of our iPhone and Mobile Customizations

Custom phone
Custom phone
Custom phone
Custom phone

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