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Columbia iRepair is Columbia’s Best Choice for Repairing, Customizing, Buying or Selling Your Phone or Computer

Columbia iRepair is the place to repair, customize, buy, or sell your electronic device. We guarantee the best prices for both repairs and customizations, along with the best trade in values. We buy all types of electronic devices, regardless of condition!

Our iPad, iPod, tablet, and cell phone repair services are top notch. We can repair any broken electronic product, from water damage to cracked screens or LCDs. We specialize in repairing and replacing LCD and digitizers for iPhones and other electronics. We also offer tune-ups and virus removal for all devices. While your device is being repaired, inquire about our custom covers, fronts, skins and cases for your iPhone or other device. We offer great deals on our iPhone, iPad and iPod services even the newest iPhone.

Computer and phone

iPhone Repair, Computer Repair, and iPad Repair

Columbia iRepair is the place to repair, customize, buy, or sell your electronic device (cell phone, tablet, music player or computer). Columbia iRepair is locally owned and operated in Columbia, MO and offers competitive pricing for repairs and customizations and fair prices for your trade ins.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or text (573) 864-8914 at any time. All requests will be will be responded to in a timely matter, and we look forward to working with you.

Smartphone Repair

We repair all types of smartphones, and even offer same-day pickup. If you have a cracked screen, broken speakers, water damage, broken button, unresponsive phone or other issues, Columbia iRepair can help.

Apple • Samsung • Google, Huawei • LG • And more!

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Laptop/Desktop Repair, Upgrades & Virus Solutions

We understand how frustrating a broken computer is. Whether your hardware is bent, your software has viruses or you’d like to upgrade the processing, battery or memory of your working laptop, come in to Columbia iRepair.

Apple • Microsoft • Lenovo • Asus • HP • And more!

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Tablet Repair

Common tablet issues like cracked screens, broken hardware, inability to charge or unexpected shutdown are easy fixes for our technicians. Bring your tablet into Columbia iRepair for prompt service and a fair price.

Apple • Microsoft • Lenovo • Samsung • Nook • Amazon • And more!

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